KYWIE coolers are lightweight, unbreakable, divine to hold in your hand and they protect your precious bottle wherever you want to take it.

A boat trip, a romantic picnic on the beach or a surprise to celebrate at the top of a snowy mountain, this cooler is with you for any #KYWIEmoment.

After use, they are compact to store, low maintenance and ready to re-use whenever you want. Time after time, for years.


Isn't it a beauty? We believe stainless steel coolers are just a pity to any table setting. This sustainable natural alternative is not only the smarter decision, it adds to elegant tableware, you choose your color or finishing to make KYWIE fit your unique self.

And yes, we also love the design of some wine and champagne bottles, but isn't it a pity to place this craftmanship on a table, to then drink it too warm to enjoy its artistry? Not to mention the stains and circles it leaves on your table or tablecloth.


We dare to say anyone will enjoy KYWIE: from professionals in hospitality, to the hardest person in your family to buy a present for. Avid wine enthusiasts whom you don't dare to buy a bottle for, and those who don't drink alcohol at all. It works always, it is always surprising: for its looks and its functionality.

Independent study by "De Volkskrant"

The best passive cooler on the market

A Dutch national newspaper conducted a comprehensive test and research, leading them to declare KYWIE as the premier passive cooler available. While other passive coolers may provide an initial surge of cold, often resulting in further cooling of the beverage and bottle, temperatures in those coolers rapidly rise afterwards. However, with KYWIE, the air within the woolen cooler takes on the bottle's temperature, maintaining a stable temperature for hours. It gradually warms up, losing only 1°C per hour. This holds true even when the bottle is almost empty, as the air inside the cooler remains at its temperature. The unique simple cylinder design, ensures the interior climate stays consistent around the bottle within the cooler.

Additionally, unlike any other steel wine coolers like steel, dubbelwandig plastic that require removing the bottle each time, potentially transferring warmth from hands, KYWIE eliminates this need. With KYWIE, there's no unnecessary contact with warm hands, preserving the desired temperature of the beverage.

Traditional ice buckets, although (too) effective, are a wasteful method that consumes energy to produce kilos of ice cubes and requires significant amounts of single-use fresh water on a daily basis. KYWIE offers a sustainable alternative that avoids this unnecessary waste.

Choose KYWIE, the best and most aesthetic passive cooler on the market, and experience the perfect temperature retention for your beverages without compromising on sustainability or energy efficiency.

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