Sheepskin on the Christmas table?

Sheepskin on the Christmas table?

KYWIE Revolutionizes Beverage Cooling with natural Woolers.

KYWIE introduces a game-changing solution for keeping beverages at the desired temperature during the holiday season. KYWIE's woolers are not just coolers; they are captivating eyecatchers that combine aesthetics and functionality like never before.

Say goodbye to wasteful ice buckets. KYWIE’s innovative cooling solution harnesses the natural insulating properties of sheepskin, eliminating the need for wasteful ice buckets. This environmentally friendly alternative ensures long-lasting temperature regulation, reducing water waste and energy consumption. Unlike traditional ice buckets that cool down drinks even further, and require constant refilling and disposal of melted ice, KYWIE coolers are biodegradable, last for years and ensure drinks stay at the desired temperature for many hours.

“This eco-friendly alternative embraces the spirit of responsible living. It offers a more efficient and conscious approach to keeping beverages cool during the holiday season and many more years.” Saskia Nooij, Founder KYWIE Coolers.

NEW: The Inside Out

A wintery warm hug for your beloved bottle.

KYWIE proudly unveils its latest addition to the collection: The Inside Out. Handmade in Europe and crafted with exceptional insulation, and irresistible softness, it adds an extra element of coziness and luxury to your holiday celebrations. The perfect gift for those seeking warmth and elegance.

KYWIE Inside Out - In store: November 2023

Price: €119

KYWIE Inside Out

NEW: The Duo 

Our bestsellers: Champagne and Wine Size in the perfect gift pack.

For those seeking the ultimate gift for wine and champagne enthusiasts, KYWIE offers the Duo. This exquisite combo exemplifies KYWIE’s commitment to functionality, sustainability, and aesthetics, making it a memorable present for even the most discerning individuals on your readers’ gift lists.

KYWIE Duo - In store: November 2023

Price starting from €149


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