The perfect corporate gift

Discover the ideal corporate gift with KYWIE coolers, fully customizable to suit your brand's unique identity. From a leather brand stamp to a logo stitch and even the option for full print customization, you can create a truly bespoke gift. Choose the color of the stitches and the lace to complete the personalized touch.

For Loyalty programs

Enhance your loyalty programs with a limited batch of co-branded KYWIE coolers. By including these exclusive items in your assortment, you can offer your valued clients a premium and memorable gift that reflects your brand's commitment to excellence.

Co-branding Opportunities

We welcome collaborations with like-minded brands that share our core values of functionality, sustainability, and aesthetics. Together, we can create co-branded Woolers that exemplify our shared vision. Explore the possibilities and see how we can unite our brands for a truly unique and impactful offering.

KYWIE woolers are the perfect corporate gift: surprising, sustainable and fully customizable

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Working with us

Are you interested in featuring KYWIE in a concept store, pop-up concept, or trade fair? Let's explore opportunities for collaboration and showcase the beauty and functionality of KYWIE coolers in your retail space.