In the tranquil Dutch countryside, a short distance from bustling Amsterdam, lies a serene rural village, embraced by sprawling meadows and open fields. It is here that young Saskia's childhood unfolded, within the cozy confines of a warm home overlooking sheep grazing and playful lambs frolicking.
Saskia’s grandfather had a business in skins, imparting to her a deep knowledge of fabrics, fashion and lifestyle.
As the years passed, Saskia's passion for the functionality of skins persisted, but it merged harmoniously with her profound dedication to sustainability and ethical entrepreneurship.
Sheepskins, a byproduct of the food industry, fascinated Saskia. A surplus of these skins exists, waiting to be transformed into a unique and usable product instead of being thrown away. Their remarkable attributes were impossible to overlook: superior insulation, thanks to the air trapped within the wool's tiny curls and hooks, and a natural oil layer that rendered them resistant to dirt and ideal for humid conditions. These skins retain their qualities even when wet, maintain hygiene, and remain odor-free.