Why we choose sheep skin

Why we choose sheep skin

Why we choose sheep skin?

Sheepskin serves as the primary material for our KYWIE woolers, deriving from the food industry as a remarkable byproduct.
This natural fabric possesses impressive characteristics. Sheepskins are known as double-faced, featuring a leather or suede side and a soft woolen side.

The inherent properties of sheepskin are truly remarkable:


  • Bio-Insulation The air trapped within the wool's tiny curls and hooks ensures a constant temperature, providing excellent insulation.
  • Dirt-Repellent Sheep possess a natural oil layer on their wool, making it resistant to dirt. Spills, like wine, bead off the material instead of leaving stains.
  • Humidity Regulation As sheep frequently endure rain, nature has ingeniously adapted their wool. Sheepskin excels in humid conditions, maintaining its insulation properties when wet, staying hygienic, and remaining odor-free.
  • Sustainability Our sheepskins are obtained as a byproduct of the food industry. Our production partners adhere to the highest international standards and certifications, prioritizing animal welfare, energy efficiency, and water conservation.
  • Comfortable grip: feel and touch, and you will understand.

“There is really no synthetic alternative that has any of these inherent natural qualities”

Saskia Nooij

Sheep in Dutch countryside - home of the KYWIE woolers

The importance of temperature

A beverage's temperature is crucial for an exceptional drinking experience.
Whether it's warm or cold, at KYWIE, we firmly believe it is sacrilege to place water bottles on a restaurant table, only for them to rapidly heat up. This becomes even more egregious when it comes to wines, which are true works of art meant to be savored at their optimal temperature. It makes no sense to carefully place them in the fridge or wine cellar, only to let them lose their ideal temperature once brought to the table, or cool them even further down in an ice bucket

To preserve the perfect temperature of your beverages, KYWIE offers innovative solutions that keep them insulated and maintain their desired temperature. Our meticulously crafted products are designed to uphold the integrity of your drinks, ensuring that every sip is as delightful as intended.

Elevate your drinking experience with KYWIE and discover the pleasure of enjoying beverages at their finest temperature, whether it's a refreshing glass of water or a sophisticated bottle of wine. Not too mention the elegant eyecatcher you add to your table by placing a KYWIE wooler in the center. 

KYWIE woolers - an elegant centerpiece on any table


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