KYWIE Gift Guide

KYWIE Gift Guide

As the holiday season approaches, finding the perfect gift that embodies elegance, functionality, and sustainability can be a challenging task. Look no further than KYWIE's curated gift guide, where we've handpicked the finest offerings to make your holiday shopping a breeze.

Join us as we unwrap the ideal gifts for your loved ones, all while embracing a touch of luxury and a commitment to a more sustainable world.

1. The ideal gift for the jetsetter 


 KYWIE coolers are always travel-friendly and deigned for the on-the-go lifestyle. 

For those watersports fanatics, or boat lovers, the KYWIE champagne coolers keep any 0,75cl - 1liter bottle at temperature without any need for electricity or ice cubes. The bonus? The sheepskin lining adds a cushioning effect, protecting your precious bottle against small bumps. 

The real travel essential is our KYWIE keyring - this stylish eyecatcher doubles as a koozie, keeping your cans at temperature. A nice extra is for those travelling with big bags: just grab and feel for the fluffiest thing in your purse, and you will always find your keys.




2. KYWIE's Hydration Haven 

KYWIE coolers for water bottles

With dry January around the corner, many prefer water at the right temperature. Did you know the organic sheepskin coolers for KYWIE are ideal for water bottles? 
They might be called 'KYWIE wine cooler' and 'KYWIE champagne cooler', but they are absolutely perfect for keeping water at temperature in style.

Do you prefer a smaller 0,5l bottle? Then the KYWIE demi is your go-to bottle cooler.  
Should you buy a secret Santa gift for colleagues, friends or family? Then an elegant, sustainable bottle cooler will be a hit, for anyone! 


3. The Wine connoisseur 

Buying wine to a connoisseur can be stressful: what if he or she does not appreciate the bottle? Or has already a whole collection of it? Taste is definitely personal. We suggest to think outside the bottle! Did you know our KYWIE Champagne cooler also fits wine bottles? That way, your gift is multi-purpose and can fit red wines, white wines and bubbles. 

Wanna go BIG? An impressive gift would be one of our KYWIE magnum bottle coolers. 

4. The one with a baby 

 A bottle cooler for a baby? KYWIE coolers have a soft touch and comfortable grip. And contrary to what the name suggests, bio-insulation keeps drinks at the desired temperature for hours, that means also when that is room temperature or when your bottle should remain warm. The KYWIE key ring fits small baby bottles. And KYWIE's Demi fits half liter bottles. 
Unsure about the dimensions? Check our size guide

 KYWIE bio insulation for baby bottles

Size matters

We hope you are convinced that a KYWIE gift is always a winner. To help you choose, we have made a handy overview of all sizes and models.

And the color? You will have plenty of choice: the Camel KYWIE's, the coolers in Beige, Khaki and the ones in Black are evergreens. But there is so much more to choose from. 




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