KYWIE launches its Spring Summer 2024 Collection

KYWIE launches its Spring Summer 2024 Collection

As temperatures rise, and we welcome spring, it is time to enjoy a drink with friends on a terrace, a garden party with the family or lovely lakeside picknick. Whether your favourite drink is some cold water, a crisp white, refreshing rosé or a refined bottle of champagne, it is supremely important to enjoy craftsmanship at the right temperature. Place your bottle in a KYWIE wooler to keep it at the desired temperature for hours, wherever you take it. 

2024 novelties in bottle coolers 

KYWIE presents 7 new additions to its collection for Spring and Summer 2024.

Mellow Yellow 

Ideal for spring, our brand new Mellow Yellow has the same bio-insulation qualities as all beloved KYWIE woolers. 
This sunny ochre yellow with matching wool is available in the Champagne size and Wine size

Keep all your 0,70-1L bottles at the desired temperature for hours, thanks to this passive cooler. 

Whether it is a bottle of chilled water, a fresh white or rosé or a nice bottle of champagne, with temperatures rising outside, you can enjoy your favourite drink at the right temperature.  



Sparkle and Shine 

KYWIE’s Sparkle collection ROCKS! Following the great success of the Gold Sparkle, Silver Sparkle, Black Sparkle and Pink Sparkle, this season welcomes the Turquoise Sparkle

Icy and cool, with matching coloured wool, we promise that not only will your bottles stay perfectly cool, but you’ll also sparkle as the host of any dinner party or barbecue. 


Natural Reverse

The enthusiasm for last season's novelty: the KYWIE Natural Reverse was so great, that we have now launched the KYWIE Wine Natural Reverse. Together with the Champagne and Magnum size, this new member of the family completes the most organic, soft and cosy look on any table.   

La vie en rose 

In addition to the Turquoise sparkle, the Pink sparkle, hugely popular in Champagne Model, exists now also in Wine Size. Also the KYWIE Baby Pink Family has a new member: KYWIE Wine Baby Pink Suede



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